Vision of the University

To be a leading institution in teaching, learning and community service, and have active participation in building a community of science and knowledge.

Mission of the University

To provide distinctive education that meets the needs of society and the labor market and contribute effectively to the sustainable development through applied research, the optimal use of modern technologies and the active partnership at the local, regional and global levels.

Values of the University

In accordance with the Najran University's belief in the values and teachings of Islam, the University is committed to major values that are followed by the University as guidelines that control the conduct and the overall performance of all its employees, academic and administrative units in all the activities and decisions.

Leadership Supporting  and reinforcing  the skills and leadership roles at all levels.
Responsibility Positive interaction towards the University and the community on the basis of a sense of responsibility.
Honesty Doing all  the duties and the fulfillment of  the  rights.
Transparency Clarity in all the activities, decisions and  transactions.
Accountability Responsibility for the results of our work and readiness  for the clarification.  
Fairness giving all the employees their rights.
Respect Dealing with all individuals and institutions in a civilized way and keeping others' dignities according to Islamic values.
Team work Teamwork and exchange of experiences and knowledge.
Creativity Creating a good environment to motivate creative productive thinking in accordance with the teachings of Islam. 
Quality To ensure the quality of performance in accordance with local and international standards.