Procedures of the final exam

The college council may form a committee to cooperate with the departments in organizing the work and procedures of final exams. The committee tasks are checking out the mark sheets and submitting them to the competent committee within a period not exceeding three days after the date of any course's exam.

 The College Council may decide to keep the procedures of the final exams confidential.

 The instructor of the course prepares the questions of the exam, or may be prepared, if necessary, by someone chosen by the College Council upon the recommendation of the Head of Department.

 The instructor of the course marks the final exam, and the Head of Department may, if necessary, add one or more specialist to participate in marking. The college council may, if necessary, assign the task of marking the exam scripts to whoever the council deems coefficient.

 The marker of the final exam must record the grades scored by the students on the record lists prepared for that purpose. Then he/she has to sign it, and get it approved by the Head of Department.

 The student shall not have more than two exams in one day; the University Council has the right to make exceptions.

 The student is not allowed to enter the final exam after half an hour from the start of the exam, and the student is not allowed to get out from the exam hall before half an hour of the start of the exam.

 According to the recommendation of the competent department, the council of the college sets the time of final written exams not to be less than an hour and not more than three hours.

 Cheating in the exams, or attempting to or the violation of instructions and rules of exams are issues of punishment of the students in accordance with the student discipline regulation issued by the University Council.

 The Council of the College that offers the course, if necessary, can approve the re-marking of exam scripts, within a period not exceeding the beginning of the final exams for the following semester.