Achieving the Strategic Objectives


Means To Achieve the Strategic Objectives

 Means To Achieve the Strategic Objectives

NU will use the financial supply of the chairs to achieve the strategic national objectives through different means, for example:

1- Making relationship with universities and pioneer international scientific centers to develop the economic knowledge.

2- Contribution in establishing research centers and technique at the University City.

3- It will enable NU to attract scholars who won international prizes such as Nobel Prize, King Faisal International Prize, and Prince Sultan International Prize for Water or the likes as visiting professors or researchers.

4- Attracting the creative and talented students in the postgraduate studies and taking care of them.

5- Allocating 30% of the supply for the project " The University Endowment" at the University City  land to build the University endowment project so as to ensure the stability of financial resources for the scientific research and development.