Admission Requirements

For new students to be admitted to the University, they should satisfy the following requirements:

  1. The student shall only be admitted to the University upon the calculation of his/her average as follows: 30% general aptitude, 30% achievement test and 40% general secondary (academic) if the student wishes to enroll in preparatory year. For all the other specializations, the average shall be calculated as follows: 30% aptitude and 70% general secondary.
  2. The student should have obtained the general secondary certificate or its equivalent from the Kingdom or abroad.
  3. No more than two academic years should have elapsed from the date of his/her obtaining such certificate or its equivalent.
  4. The student should have a good conduct and proper behavior.
  5. The student should successfully pass any exam or personal interview (if found).
  6. The student should be medically fit.
  7. The student should obtain approval from his authority to pursue his/her studies, if s/he works for any governmental or private body.
  8. The student should not have been expelled from Najran University or any other university for academic or disciplinary reasons.
  9. After the student is admitted, if it is turns out that s/he has already been expelled for disciplinary or academic reasons, his/her admission shall be considered as void.
  10. The student meeting the requirements should present the documents stipulated by the Deanship of Admission and Registration at the University.
  11. The student should not be enrolled for another university degree at the same university or at another university and should not have already obtained such degree.
  12. Files of students who are late for admission tests (if found) shall be ruled out.
  13. Files of students who are late for personal interviews (if found) and do not present an acceptable excuse shall be ruled out.
  14. Students who are late in carrying out the admission procedures within the deadline set by the University and who do not present an excuse acceptable by the Deanship of Admission and Registration shall have their admission cancelled.