University Hospital

Out of more than thirty universities that include medical colleges in the Kingdom, the young Najran University ranks fourth among all universities in owning a university hospital of its own. The launch coincided with the start of specialized studies in the university’s health colleges. On Sunday, 13/3/1433 AH, the launch of The university hospital is officially under the generous patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, the former governor of the region, after it expanded in its departments and developed in its services, as it integrates with it in providing the service all the scientific departments of the health colleges through its specialized cadres and its various laboratories. The university hospital currently includes 25 specialized clinics, an emergency department, internal and surgical hypnosis departments for men and women, and rooms for operations, recovery and intensive care, with a capacity of 62 beds. It also includes an integrated central laboratory, a radiological diagnosis center, an education and training center, and a number of support services. The hospital also has clinics for internal medicine, surgery, ENT, ophthalmology, urology, orthopedics, heart, dermatology, endocrinology, family and community medicine, And children, obstetrics and gynecology, dental, anesthesia, optometry, and audiology, in addition to providing, through its clinics, all the diagnostic and treatment services needed by all patients, in addition to many distinguished services in this field.

University's library

The Deanship of Library Affairs was established at Najran University in 1428 AH. It is one of the new supportive deanships in the university. It is concerned with serving students, faculty members, lecturers, teaching assistants, supervising libraries and securing various sources of information. University, to fulfill the demands of the beneficiaries.
The Deanship of Library Affairs is the body responsible for securing, preparing and displaying information containers that serve the university’s specializations, including scientific sources, references and manuscripts, whether they are originals, photographs, books, or scientific periodicals. By providing information sources of all kinds and forms, organizing and processing them technically and electronically so that it is easy to retrieve and inform about them easily and easily.

University Schools

University schools provide education for all ages, for citizens and visitors alike. The accreditation was made within the university city in the name of King Salman Schools Complex for Boys and Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman Schools Complex for Girls
They are schools for boys and the same for girls at all educational levels in the university city

Sports facilities

Najran University is developing its own sports facilities and opening its doors to the community.
Where first-class sports facilities, including a modern football field, club swimming pool and other facilities
Explore the different stadiums and facilities of the cup, we are here for you. We have everything from football fields to swimming pools - it's all part of the Najran University Communities project.

University Housing

The campus offers rooms for both male and female faculty, a socializing space for everyone to enjoy with the latest amenities including coffee shop, swimming pools, sauna, gyms and many more.
Student housing at Najran University provides students with a large number of amenities that meet their needs.
Where the university provides many advantages in housing faculty members and students
Comfortable and modern university housing
Dedicated and fully furnished units - including utilities, internet and TV
- Bedrooms and private bathrooms
- Friendly security guards and 24/7 maintenance team