Scientific Council

A profile about the Scientific Council

It is concerned with supervising the scientific affairs of the staff members , research affairs , studies and publishing.

The Scientific Council is composed as follows:

1- The University Principal for Postgraduate Studies & Scientific Research as head of the council

2- One staff member from each college or institute at least with a position of an associate professor. They will be designated by the council at the college recommendation and the NU President approval, it is permissible to include more members.

Duties of the Scientific Council:

1- Recommend appointment of staff members

2- Give academic promotions to staff members in accordance with the rules of the Higher Education Council

3- Encourage scientific research, authorship, translation and publishing by conducting the following activities:

a- Set rules to encourage scientific researches

b- Suggest establishment of research centers

c- Coordinate and plan between research centers

d- Make contact with other research centers

e- Specify encouraging and symbolic awards for scientific contributions , arrange arbitration and payment.

f- Publish researches and dissertations which the council deems important

g- Recommend issuing of periodicals

h- Recommend establishment of scientific societies, museums and make the necessary coordination

i- Decide about the refereed textbooks and dissertations that need revision

j- Evaluate the academic degrees presented by Saudi staff members

k- Discuss what is refereed by the University Council

Scientific Council Meetings

The Scientific Council convenes at the invitation of its president at least once a month. The President has the right to call for meeting whenever the necessity arises or if two thirds of the members ask for a meeting or at the request of NU President. The NU President is to preside the meetings if he is present . The meetings quorum is two thirds of the members.