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(112) demonstrators and lecturers appointed and scholarshiped

  The Rector of Najran University and Vice-President of the University Council Prof. Dr. Mohammed bin Ibrahim AL-Hassan chaired the second meeting of the University Council for the current academic year, which was attended by the Secretary General of the Council of Higher Education Dr.  Mohamed bin Abdulaziz AL-Saleh and members of the council.

     The Vice Rector for Graduate Studies and Research and Secretary General of the University Council Dr. Mohammed bin Sultan al-Assiri said that the Council discussed the topics on its agenda and took a number of decisions regarding them. It approved the nomination of (3) faculties and (57) lecturers and teaching assistants and awarding scholarship for (52) teaching assistants and lecturers. Besides, the council also discussed the draft budget of the university for the fiscal year 1436/1437 AH (2015 A.D) and the final account of the University for the fiscal year 1434/1435 AH (2013 AD) and the annual report for the academic year 1434/1435 AH. The council approved the numbers proposed requirements for admission and registration for next year and plan of students' activities proposed for the academic year 1435/1436 AH.  The Council also approved the proposed number of candidates for MBA program, and a promotion of an employee to 12th rank.