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His Excellency Rector: the new budget enables the University to accomplish its projects

Rector Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Hassan considered the general budget of the Kingdom (860) billion riyals as an extension of the path of prosperity and development taking place in our dear country.

His Excellency said that the education's share estimated 25% of the budget proves that wise leadership guidance emphasizes that Saudi human construction is the first goal of the national development plans. He added: We, Najran University, enjoy good services under the custody of this wise leadership,

The budget of the University estimated ( is a real evidence of this interest, which continues since the establishment of the university, and so far, the thing that enabled Najran University to be a comprehensive university including all the majors needed by the labor market, where 26 thousand students are studying in 14 colleges including College of Medicine, Dentistry, Applied Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Computer Science, Administrative Sciences, Sharia and Fundamentals of  Religion, Science and Arts, Education, Community College and College of Languages.