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Session about “Human Measurement between Science and Philosophy”

Session about "Human Measurement between Science and Philosophy"

In a series of sessions and lectures organized by Islamic, Education and Humanities Center, Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Fatah, Assist. Professor of Psychology, delivered a lecture entitled "Human Measurement between Science and Philosophy" on Tuesday 03/05/2016. Abdul-Fatah posed several main issues related to the philosophy of science, starting with the separation of science from philosophy, and that this separation does not deny that the connection still exists; however, if researchers in the field of humanities, and psychology in particular do not have sufficient awareness of the fact that their works linked and based on certain philosophy of human nature on the one hand and the nature of science on the other hand, it leads to the incorrectness and inappropriateness use of human measurement tools, resulting in misleading results.

The attendees interacted with those ideas by their inquiries to which the lecturer responded.