The minimum academic load of the student is (12) credit hours and the maximum is (20) credit hours depending on GPA. The rector has the authority to increase the academic load to (24) credit hours for the students expected to graduate.

- The student can register online (if he/she is not academically disqualified) before the start of each semester provided that:

a.     The academic load of the student depends on his GPA (not less than the minimum, i.e. (12) credit hours).

b.     There must be no opposition in the student schedule of classes.


- The primary registration is dropped for the students, who didn't confirm their registration in the first week of the semester (or the summer session).


- The student is allowed to modify his/her registration of courses via the e-portal through adding and dropping of courses (according to the identified period in the academic calendar) based on the following requirements:


First: Requirements of dropping.

1.     The credit hours must not be less than the minimum i.e. (12) credit hours.

2.     The student is not allowed drop a course that is a prerequisite for another course (studied in the same semester), but he/she can drop the two courses together. 

3.     It isn't allowed for the student to drop any course from the zero-level according to the study plan. [Zero level: If the student is in the fifth level, and he/she has for example 2 fails from the fourth and third levels, he/she can drop the courses from the fourth level not from the third level as the 3rd level is this case called the zero level].

Secondly: Requirements of adding.

1.     There must be no opposition in the student schedule.

2.     The course must be involved in the study plan.

3.     The desired section admits extra students.

4.     No prerequisite.

5.     Adding of courses must not exceed the maximum credit hours according to GPA.