Scientific Research Organizes a Course on "How to Write a Competitive Research Proposal"


The Deanship of Scientific Research at the University organized today the first training course on "How to write a competitive research proposal", in the presence of the University's Undersecretary for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sultan Asiri, and a number of faculty members.
The course aimed to train and increase the awareness of faculty and university staff of the importance of developing competitive research proposals, providing participants with the basic principles and skills necessary to prepare a competitive and successful research proposal, as well as identifying opportunities for research proposals and announced initiatives. From the Ministry of Education's Research and Development Office, in addition to promoting a culture of scientific research and scientific innovations and obtaining projects funded by various support agencies.
The course, presented by Dr. Farid Abu Rajeh, professor at the Center for Nanoresearch and Advanced Materials at the University, addressed the definition of competitive research proposal, support methods and component identification, and parts of the competitive research proposal, as well as how to write and formulate the general guidelines for the competitive research proposal.
Abu Rajeh also discussed the factors of increasing the chances of success and acceptance of the competitive research proposal, clarifying common mistakes and reasons for rejecting the research proposal, as well as the need to abide by the rules, instructions and conditions of the sponsor of the projects.