Leadership in providing consultation studies and services that contribute to community services.



Strengthen the role of the University in community partnership through:

  • Providing distinctive consultation studies and services.

  • Investing in the University's human and scientific resources.

  • Establishing specialized think-tanks to meet the development requirements.

  • Conducting agreements and services contracts with individuals and public sectors



Strategic Objectives

  • Enhance partnership between the university and community organizations to meet the requirements of development

  • Build a sustainable cooperation with the production and services sectors

  • Develop the academic advisory work through establishment of specialized think-tanks

  • Invest in the available University's human and scientific resources to create new channels for funding sources to the University.

  • Build creative and  distinct work environment to achieve the Institute's mission and objectives.




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  •    المسؤولية


  • الامانة


  • الشفافية


  • المساءلة


  • العدالة


  • الاحترام


  • العمل بروح الفريق


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  • الجودة




Quality policy

The Institute of Studies and Advisory Services is the university's financial and administrative arm in providing studies, research and consulting for all sectors outside the university. The Institute means providing contractual research services, consulting and managing scientific chairs. It also communicates with the community by providing pioneering services, taking advantage of research and advisory opportunities outside the university through expert houses, To achieve the added value of the University in gaining the confidence of the community in providing innovative solutions to development issues. The Institute is improving the quality of the services provided by training and continuous development and providing resources and the environment for work, Building an administrative team with strong leadership to ensure the effectiveness of quality systems and improve the services of beneficiaries and meet their wishes and expectations. The Institute is committed to maintain its leadership locally and to move towards excellence through the application of quality systems and periodic review on an ongoing basis.

The Institute is committed to a clear policy towards the quality of operations and services.

1. Establish a quality management system and define the scope of application to cover all operations.

2. The commitment to identify the environment analysis of the Institute and identify the risks that affect the efficiency of the quality management system and the investment opportunities that are available to the Institute.

3. Conduct a periodic review of the objectives and quality policy and measure the suitability of the work system with the commitment to continuous improvement in the quality and development of services provided by achieving the objectives of quality and efficiency of operations and conformity to specifications.

4 - Effective communication with the parties and parties concerned and customers and work to identify their requirements and meet the highest quality to achieve a high level of satisfaction