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عبدالوهاب فهد سعيد آل عازب
Abdulwahab Alazeb

Assistant Professor

College of Computer Science and Information Systems

استاذ مساعد
كلية علوم الحاسب ونظم المعلومات
قسم علوم الحاسب

  • Cybersecurity.
  • Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing.
  • Big Data.

المؤهلات العلمية

University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR                                                                  Jul 2021

  • Ph.D. of Science in Computer Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity
University of Colorado Denver | Denver, CO                                                            May 2014          
  • Master of Science in Computer Science                                                      

King Khalid University | Abha, Saudi Arabia                                                            June 2007
  • Bachelor of Computer                                                                             


Najran University | Najran, Saudi Arabia

  • Professor Assistant in the Computer Science Department                                       2021- present
  • Teach undergraduate courses such as Social, Ethical and Professional Issues and Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
  • Advise students for graduation projects.
  • The coordinator of alumni and employment affairs unit at department of computer science.
  • The coordinator of information technology and learning resources unit at department of computer science.
  • Lecturer in the Computer Science Department                                                      June 2014 – 2021
  • Teach undergraduate courses in introduction to computer science, and application courses, where students must apply theory to a specific industry (i.e. the health sciences)
  • Co-advise students for graduation projects by informing and assessing on student strengths, weaknesses and potential prospects.
  • Teaching Assistant in the Computer Science Department                                       Oct 2008 – Mar 2014
  • Teach undergraduate courses
  • Informed students of applied computer techniques and enhance their performance in their subject areas.
  • Instructed students on cutting-edge technology to be used in business to make them competitive in the market
Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University| Saudi Arabia

Computer Science Instructor                                                                                  Sept. 2007- Sept. 2008
  • Designed scaffold learning strategies to integrate present knowledge with learning goals
  • Revitalized curriculum to meet modern standards and student needs
  • Integrated technology into each lesson to demonstrate applications

التخصصات والمهارات

الدورات التدربية

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المقررات التدرسية

429CSS-3, Computer Security
474CSS-3, Algorithm Design and Analysis
505PMIS-3 Cybercrime and Digital Forensics Specification

الساعات المكتبية