Students - International Students

Speeches of Scholarship Students 

College of Administrative Sciences

Student : Salem Abdullah Saif
Department: Business Administration
Country: Oman

I did not encounter many difficulties in searching for Saudi universities, due to my knowledge of the quality of education they offer and the beautiful regions they are located in, each distinguished by its unique geography. However, Najran University caught my attention as it is one of the newer universities in the Kingdom that has achieved numerous accomplishments at both the institutional and programmatic accreditation levels. Additionally, it hosts a diverse body of international students from around the world. Moreover, the geography and environment of the Najran region are similar to those of my city in the Sultanate of Oman.


College of Science and Arts

Student: Naji Sabry Ahmed
: Arabic Language
Country: Thailand

The successful experiences of scholarship students led me to make the decision to choose Najran University, as it hosts a large number of international students who have conveyed the positive aspects of studying there in terms of the quality of education and the ancillary services needed by students, such as housing, transportation, and stipends. In addition to this, the ease of acclimatizing to Saudi students and their ongoing hospitality have been noteworthy; we have formed strong friendships with them and have never felt alienated in either the university or the region.

Sharia & Fundamentals of Religion

Student: Mohib Al-Rahman
: Fundamentals of Religion
Country: Nepal

Our emotions are indescribable as we see ourselves as students of this distinguished university, notable for its achievements, programs, and educational strength. The university has opened its doors for us to study and realize our dreams, serving as our primary partner in achieving our goals and building our future. It has provided us with extensive services so that we can focus entirely on our studies. It has also encouraged us by offering recreational facilities where we can spend our free time, as well as a vast library that easily facilitates our pursuit of knowledge.